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Martial Art Instructors

Martial art instructors

Dean Howard

Owner & Instructor

Dean’s teaching philosophy emphasizes discipline, respect, and hard work. He strives to create a supportive and challenging environment that inspires his students to grow and reach their full potential.

Dean Howard, the proud owner of J K Martial Arts, has over 18 years of passionate involvement in martial arts, starting with Freestyle Karate and Kickboxing and expanding his knowledge to include other disciplines like MMA, Boxing, and Muay Thai.

As the first student to achieve a 1st dan black belt under Liam Gratty’s guidance, Dean’s dedication and hard work have paid off. He now serves as an instructor at J K Martial Arts and eventually became its owner. Dean’s Martial Arts journey includes several competitions, and he has won multiple medals, including a bronze and silver medal under WKC (World Karate & Kickboxing Championships).

  • 1st Dan Wado Ryu Freestyle Karate
  • BA (hons) Sports Coaching & Development (1st class)
  • Level 3 Personal Training
  • CRB checked
  • First Aid trained
Liam Gratty

Liam Gratty


Liam’s teaching style emphasizes the importance of technique, precision, and perseverance. With his wealth of experience and knowledge, Liam inspires his students to challenge themselves and strive for excellence in their practice.

Founder Liam Gratty is one of the instructors at J K Martial Arts. With over 27 years of experience in Martial Arts, Liam started his journey with Wado Freestyle Karate and Kickboxing, later progressing to various styles of Karate including Budokan, Bushi Karate-jutsu, and others.

After stepping down from his role as owner, Liam now solely focuses on instructing at J K Martial Arts. He enjoys continuing his progress in other Martial Arts disciplines such as Bushi Kempo Jujitsu and Aikido.

  • 5th Dan Karate Do
  • 4th Dan Kickboxing
  • 2nd Dan Budokan Karate
  • 3rd Dan Bushi Karate-jutsu
  • CRB checked
  • First Aid trained

Jonathan keane


Jonathan’s teaching style is focused on creating a positive and inclusive environment where students can feel comfortable and supported as they work towards their goals. He believes that everyone has the potential to excel with the right guidance and encouragement, and that his passion for kickboxing can help you achieve your personal goals, whilst learning a self-defence.

Meet Jonathan, a dedicated kickboxing student of J K Martial Arts and now instructor. With for over 13 years kickboxing experience. Jon started his journey with Shotokan Karate at the age of 8 and later progressed to freestyle kickboxing in his 30’s.

Jon started to learn Kickboxing at J K Martial arts back in 2010 with his son Ethan when kickboxing was introduced to the timetable. While kickboxing remains his primary focus, he recently started learning karate.

In 2021, Jonathan started co-instructing kickboxing classes, passionate about helping people of all ages build confidence and resilience through martial arts fitness training and coaching sessions based on the principles of social work. This approach can help tackle a range of issues, including bullying, self-confidence, and financial wellbeing.

  • 13 years kickboxing experience
  • Qualified social worker
  • Masters in Business Administration
  • Enhanced DBS
  • Basic First Aid 

Ethan Keane


Ethan is very close to achieving his black belt and is eager to learn more, demonstrating his dedication and enthusiasm towards martial arts.

Introducing Ethan, our young instructor in training. It was 13 years ago at the age of four when Ethan started learning Kickboxing with his dad Jon. Almost a black belt, Ethan is keen to instruct and help other fellow students at the club. C0-Instructing since 2022 Ethan has come on leaps and bounds. Winning competitive light continuous kickboxing fights and bow expanding his martial arts knowledge by recently starting Karate.

Our young instructor in training who has been part of J K Martial Arts since he was four years old. Alongside his dad Jonathan, he started his martial arts journey 13 years ago with kickboxing and has recently started learning karate. Ethan’s passion for combat sports is evident in his love for boxing and UFC, as well as being a huge fan of the Rocky movies.

As he progressed in kickboxing, Ethan became passionate about sharing his knowledge and helping others by co-instructing kickboxing classes. He credits martial arts for helping him improve his concentration, discipline, and time management skills, which have translated to better performance at school.

  • 13 years kickboxing experience
  • Competition experience
  • Instructor in training