J K Martial Arts

Greatwood Hall, Hollington Road, Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire, ST10 4JY.

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Our Story

J K Martial Arts


Where we orginated from

Our school was founded in June 2006 when Liam Gratty decided to break away from his Sensei of 13 years to allow him to continue to teach in the true spirit of martial arts. A new club was founded which focused on keeping the students at heart of the club. Jiyu Karate Wado Kai was then formed and has been taught across Staffordshire, promoting the ideology that martial arts should be encouraged for the passion and interest of the art, provide physical and mental wellbeing, and instil meaningful values and respect one another.

The meaning of J K

Wado Freestyle Karate Kai, integrates elements of other karate styles and karate jitsu whilst maintaining traditional Wado Ryu principles, which later became the style of J K Martial Arts. The club was later renamed J K Martial Arts. The Meaning Of J K Martial Arts Jiyu自由 ‎is Freedom to act according to one’s own thoughts, without restriction. This is considered to apply to both our style and our governance. Karate空手 is Empty handed. Budo 武道is a Japanese term describing modern Japanese martial arts.